Aneka Buah Coklat! =D

hello peeps! =D
today is 28th February 2011..
yeah it's THE END of february actually!
and i'm just "terhegeh-hegeh" updating my lonely blogNyok for the month..
thanks god luckily i'm still alive & realise to create some nonsense!
(sila baca seperti slang ANWAR HADI) haha..
lately ramai pula vloggers muncul di kaca youtube..
yeah kadang² mereka dah lama tapi baru mula nak famous..
trend 2011 barangkali..
matluthfi90 lah, IniAnwarHadi lah, Charlie Mcdonnell pon sempoi gak..
semuanya dah tak layan BLOGGER macam NY..
VLOGGER lagi meletops kata mereka..
tunggulah bila NY dah terer skiping slang BRITISH ke AMERICAN ke..
NY pon nak buat jugak page vlog sendiri..
korang jangan lupa subscribe yek! haha.. =P
okay back in action..
february just nice..
not much pressure..
no such annoyer..
and the best thing is..
NY dah mula berniaga secara serius!
together with pish, syuk & chom..
we just opened ABC which stand for Aneka Buah Coklat!
and our first outlet was setup at JB Buzz!
 the most happening nightlife in town (wannabe) =P
so far our business going great! oh i mean AWESOME!
especially on the saturday night..
people are crazy with our stuff & it's a fact..
believe me! haha.. =D
for those who're never have a taste of our homemade chocolate..
come & get mess with us every weekend okay!

messy yet sexxy! haha.. =P

see! i'm not lying guys.. =D (credit to aen for the photo)

next we move to 26.02.2011..
yeah couple of days ago.. 
it's my lovely pretty mummy birthday!
she's officially sixty now..
still be the same & completely perfect mum for me..
i heart you more la mummy! ♥_♥
next weekend anakanda balek kita buat blueberry cheese cake sama² okay!

bak kata hail amir, "wajah kesayangan hamba" ^_^

oh by the way..
it's UMMI SURIATY birthday also on the same date..
nevermind coursemate.. 
we'll celebrate your "best"day later okay suria!
keep calm! haha.. =P
hence what's next?
am i miss any hot stuff on february..
i guess not (kut)..
ahaa.. i'm just have a trip to the north..
not sooo "just" actually..
it's happened on CNY holidays..
yeah bring back some friends to Penang, Kedah, Perlis & Perak..
meets seniors..
the trip pretty fun.. 
and for the first time we make it under budget..
wehuu! =P
i'll update the photoblog to you LATER okay.. =P
till then..
hit me back on the comment yeah!
stay safe guys! =D


  1. setakat neh setiap weekend iA ada la kut..
    tgk keadaan..
    permintaan not bad bro..
    haha.. =DD

  2. heheh..
    dorg sempoi an..
    tp lately kurg pulak vlog baru..
    thx singgah yek shahjiehan! =DD



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