hola guys!
it has been for long than a month since my last update..
there's never be a right time for me.. 
to keep updating the site..
biasalah baru jadi warga URBAN kan! =P
luckily it's still in MAY!
yeah the last day of may..
and here's the simple entry of the month.. 
to keep the blogNyok alive..
cheers! =D

Nametag NY ada hi-tech cip yang boleh guna untuk masuk any department dekat office dengan hanya satu sentuhan. Macam touch N go. I loike! HAHA =D

Hey! I'm one of the Production Crew on the night & guess what?! Salma's vocal was WOW! Walaupun tak pernah ikut pon Mentor5 neh! =D

oh by the way..
i'm heading back to JOHOR this coming weekend..
and i'm just can't wait!
see ya! ^_^


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